Mark's Music

Mark has produced seven beautiful albums which can be purchased direct from the artist. Please get in touch to purchase. Lyrics can be found here for all the albums.  On this page you can watch Videos of a selection of Mark's performances. You can also listen to some of Mark's live performances here and now!

CDs Available

Any of these CDs can be bought directly from Mark for £10.  To purchase, email Mark at [email protected]

Have a look on the individual albums' pages for details of their contents and to hear samples of the tracks.

Listen Now!

These tracks are all made at live performances and so give a little more ambience so often missing from a studio recording.

Live Perfomances


play-video.png Catch a Ride (from Dovetales)

play-video.png Remember (from Chasing the Shadows)

play-video.png To Bring Me to You (from Bring Me to You)

play-video.png Move On and Leave it Behind (from To Bring Me To You)

play-video.png Ballad of Lady Jane's Lover (from Between Two Worlds)

play-video.png I've Got All I Need (from Chasing the Shadows)

play-video.png Chasing the Shadows (from Chasing the Shadows)

CD Lyrics

Here you can view and download all of the lyrics from each of Mark's CDs - all free of charge!

Note that the viewer will open in a new window.

scroll.png Chasing the Shadows

scroll.png Between Two Worlds

scroll.png Dovetales

scroll.png To Bring Me To You

scroll.png For What I've Yet To Find

scroll.png Harbour From The Storm

scroll.png Looking From My Window